Social Media Policy

In 2010, the California Technology Agency released a policy to encourage state agencies to use social media tools. California’s social media policy provides agencies the ability to:

  • Maximize the use of the government sections of social media sites.
  • Ensure that managers and users with access to social media sites are trained regarding their roles and responsibilities
  • Assign the responsibility for management and monitoring of social media sites to the individual or entity responsible and authorized for outward-facing communications for the agency.

Agencies who wish to engage in social media efforts must establish their own internal policies, standards, and procedures.

Privacy Policy (for Social Media)

State agencies must remain cognizant of the information security and privacy policy requirements applicable to the use of these service offerings.

The Office of Privacy Protection recommends the following social media privacy policies.

  • Clearly identify social media pages as your organization’s.

  • Don’t request personal information on social media sites, and discourage the public from posting personal information.

  • Define your policies on what, if any, personal information you will collect from your social media sites.
  • Don’t offer transactions requiring input of personal information on social media sites.
  • Redirect visitors to your website (via link) to input personal information.
  • Define your policies regarding the use of personal information collected from your social media sites. For example, use and disclosure, record retention, and other requirements.
  • Provide a clear statement of your privacy policies on your social media sites.
  • Alert the public when directing them from your website to a social media site. For example:“PRIVACY ALERT! You are now leaving the [agency] website, and entering a social networking website. The [agency] privacy policy does not apply to the social networking site. Before entering the new site, we encourage you to check its privacy policy. You may be able to control how your personal information is used by the site.”
  • Educate the public about consulting social media privacy policies.
  • Train content managers and webmasters in your social media privacy policies.

Source: Social Media Privacy (PDF) – Webmaster User Group meeting presentation (April 2011)

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