State Template v4

State Template Responsive

  • View a Live version of the State Template with working sample pages and instructional documentation.  *The sample footer is specific to the California Department of Technology.  Please ensure that your footer links are specific to your organization.

State Template v4 provides major improvements and benefits:

  • Re-architected to utilize industry standard frameworks:
    • Bootstrap – for mobile first development
    • {Less} – extends the CSS language
    • Grunt – javascript task runner
    • Node js – cross-platform runtime environment
    • HTML5 – semantic elements & more…
  • Fully mobile and responsive design now with layout breakpoints
  • Re-architected to support semantic microdata referencing
    • Enabling greater integrated answers from intelligent services:
      Siri, Google Now, Cortana, etc.
    • Enabling enhanced search results from the major search vendors
  • Because of standardized architecture and semantic markup, future migrations are significantly simplified!
  • Improved Accessibility due to utilizing industry frameworks and accessibility plugins including content  semantics

Additional Information

The State Template v4 features a complete restructuring of the HTML markup, CSS, and JavaScript in addition to new content templates incorporating semantic naming conventions  while preserving the familiar look-and-feel of the 2013 Responsive Template.

Additionally, technologies such as LESS were introduced and new content modules also added for State agencies and departments to utilize when developing their websites.

NOTE: The State Template Package available on WebTools has been compressed and optimized for better performance. This means that you will not see CSS files that are formatted in a standard and editable way as in the previous versions of the State Template. Detailed instructions about using the template and incorporating your own CSS are included in the State Template downloadable package as well as the Live version of the State Template.

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  1. kpaddock

    CDT also provides a WordPress-based CMS subscription service named CAWeb Publishing that includes support for State Template v4 sites, State Template v5 and all future versions. ( This service is ideal for customers who are looking for a full-service, CMS subscription service with all hosting, infrastructure, backups, content migration, training and support included in the monthly fee. To get started, contact your CDT customer delivery account manager or check out the on-boarding process here: The CDT web site is a CAWeb Publishing customer.

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