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State Template v5 is Here!

Hi Team! The official release of Template v5 is now live! Check out the dedicated Template v5 page. Also, the Template v5 Beta Survey deadline has been extended to January 11, 2017.  Results will be shared at our next WUG during 1st quarter 2018....

State Template v5 Beta Survey

Hi Team. We’re getting ready to release the non-Beta, production version of the State Template v5 next week! We’d like to get a feel of where everyone’s at, with a quick 3-question survey on what version of the template you're currently using. Your input is greatly...

Common Google search box and search results formatting issues

  Common Google search box and search results formatting issues If your search box and search results page are looking a bit strange, there is a quick and easy fix in your search engine settings. Make sure you have the following two options selected and then save your...

Custom Search Element API 1.0 was deprecated on December 4, 2017

  The Custom Search Element API 1.0, which was deprecated in 2012 in favor of API 2.0, is now no longer maintained. API 1.0 will stop working on December 4, 2017. You can check if you’re using the 1.0 version by looking at the code on your search page for a call...


  1. greg balzer

    CSS modification question – are you still answering these?
    I am updating a Caltrans site that uses a slightly modified version of the 2015 State Template. I have a nav menu on the left-hand side which has two levels of bullets. The second level (indented portion) of the menus has the little default circle – as seen on the menu on this page at left. Do you have any CSS that will delete that second bullet? The URL is:

    • lc

      Where specifically is the “left-hand side menu” on your page? I see the top level nav and nav links on the right sidebar. I checked with full desktop and narrow window view and can’t identify the issue.

    • lc

      Use the .list-unstyled class (cagov.core.css)

  2. lc

    I like the new template and have followed the changes for the past year or so. The addition of the large bands of semi-transparent info at the bottom of the main carousel and at the bottom of the following row of images (explore-invite and teaser) seems to me (just my opinion) to be overkill and distracting. I’d like to see the height of those band reduced. Just my opinion :)

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