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  • Help for those who've just been assigned "web manager" duties Posted on: Jan 17th, 2014

    I recommend reading/subscribing to this blog, The Quiet One, Great source of information from managing a web site to what is usability and how to ensure the web site is…

  • Required Banner - Register to Vote Posted on: Jan 14th, 2014

    Senate Bill No. 44, Section 2198 was approved by the Governor on September 9, 2013. It states that “Each Internet Web site maintained by the state shall include a hyperlink on the site’s homepage…

  • 2013 State Template Update - Responsive Design Posted on: Oct 24th, 2013

    The 2013 State Template has been updated to version 3.01 with a few bug fixes and improvements. Updates include: New: Executive banners using responsive design. Updated file: style.css,…

  • 36 Free Business Icons Posted on: Sep 26th, 2013

    Download these professional Free Business Icons designed by…

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About WebTools

WebTools is an online resource for California state agency webmasters that helps support the efforts of implementing standards, functionality and look and feel into agency websites. Specifically, WebTools provides necessary tools, resources, and implementation guidelines for webmasters to implement  state standards for usability, accessibility, and separation of presentation.

The structure of WebTools is designed to approach solutions from multiple angles and from a variety of user perspectives. Webmasters can follow the phased approach (Web Development) where they will be provided general step-by-step information throughout the development lifecycle or they can find information and resources by specific category and topic.

This website is managed by the eServices Program, which is a part of the Web Consulting Unit at the California Department of Technology, Office of Technology Services.

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  • lc - "I wish you well on your new adventure, Dale. Sounds like a wonderful opportunity — not to mention, no..."
  • rengvall - "The State Controller’s Office has been using the RedDot application by Open Text. They have since..."
  • theopeters - "i doubt if any department uses that software "
  • Mary Ann - "At the Department of Financial Institutions we use Survey Monkey and used it for an IT Customer..."
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