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  • State Template Survey Posted on: Aug 23rd, 2016

    We are always working to improve our California State Template. We are reaching out to complete a marketing research survey on what we can improve on, in addition to your input on what new content…

  • Questions for Depts/Agencies on Web tools/apps. Posted on: Jul 26th, 2016

    Good morning folks. My name is Alisha Herring, I am the department Website Coordinator for CAL FIRE. It has been a while since the last survey of department/agencies use of a CMS or WCMS. My…

  • State Template V5 Posted on: Jul 20th, 2016

    Will you make the state template version V5 available for other state webmasters before it is finalized so we can become familiar with it in order to deploy when it is released? I have downloaded…

  • State Template Wordpress LoginState Template V4 on Wordpress Posted on: Jun 23rd, 2016

    Content management is a real challenge for agencies of all sizes including my own, Ca. Dept. of Developmental Services. Moreover, other challenges inevitably arise when considering and choosing from…

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About Webtools

WebTools is an online resource for California state agency webmasters that helps support the efforts of implementing standards, functionality and look and feel into agency websites. Specifically, WebTools provides necessary tools, resources, and implementation guidelines for webmasters to implement  state standards for usability, accessibility, and separation of presentation.

The structure of WebTools is designed to approach solutions from multiple angles and from a variety of user perspectives. Webmasters can follow the phased approach (Web Development) where they will be provided general step-by-step information throughout the development lifecycle or they can find information and resources by specific category and topic.

Webtools and its blog are intended for government Web development topics only.

This website is managed by the California Department of Technology.

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  1. greg balzer says:

    CSS modification question – are you still answering these?
    I am updating a Caltrans site that uses a slightly modified version of the 2015 State Template. I have a nav menu on the left-hand side which has two levels of bullets. The second level (indented portion) of the menus has the little default circle – as seen on the menu on this page at left. Do you have any CSS that will delete that second bullet? The URL is:

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